Spoiler — massive version alert!


  • StarkNet Alpha 0.7.0 released to Goerli; packed with improvements
  • Contracts can now be upgraded using the Proxy Upgrade Pattern
  • Contracts can now emit Events
  • Support for the long-awaited Block Number and Block Timestamp system calls


We are happy to release Alpha 0.7.0, a version packed with new features and improvements…

It’s layers all the way down


  • Recursive proofs open up surprising and novel design options
  • Introducing L3, the application-specific layer, built recursively over L2
  • L3 serves the bespoke needs of apps, such as hyper-scalability, better control of the tech stack, and privacy
  • StarkEx, currently serving customers as an L2 solution, will be ported to L3
  • Standalone…

StarkNet Mainnet Release Candidate Available on Testnet

Exciting Times Ahead

Alpha 4 was released today on Goerli. This version is the Mainnet release candidate and, if everything goes according to plan, will be deployed on Mainnet by the month’s end.

Alpha 4 follows the features-packed release of Alpha 3, which included, among other things, improvements to the Cairo compilation times…

New Phase: Composability


  • StarkNet now supports composability, the main feature defining StarkNet’s Constellations phase.
  • We are releasing a testing framework for StarkNet — developers can now test their contracts locally and effectively.
  • This release includes several notable performance improvements, such as support for Merkle-Patricia Tries and a builtin for bitwise operations.
  • Ecosystem front:

How to transfer funds between sidechains and StarkEx trustlessly, securely, and inexpensively


  • Transferring funds between sidechains and L2s is a growing need
  • Current methods: via L1 (Ethereum) — slow, expensive, yet trustless; or via App (or LP) — requires trust, yet fast and inexpensive
  • We propose a trustless, secure and inexpensive sidechain-to-StarkEx bridge, which relies on Ethereum’s security
  • By extending such a…


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